Greenhouse Polythene Repair in Kenya
Greenhouse Polythene Repair

Greenhouse Polythene repair depends on the extent of the damage on the polythene cover.  No matter how strong or hard the polythene cover is it can be blown by heavy winds and storms. For example, the recently witnessed heavy rainfall and wind in Kenya affected many greenhouses.

Greenhouse Polythene Repair by Aqua Hub Kenya

We repair damaged greenhouse structures and replace blown-away or torn greenhouse covers at friendly costs.

Buy Greenhouse Polythene covers from Aqua Hub Kenya at affordable prices. We offer quality greenhouse covers that are highly durable and harsh weather tolerant.’

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Features of Our Greenhouse Covers

  • Made of UV-treated plastic polythene materials that resist high sunlight intensity.
  • Thickness of 200 microns to allow maximum sunlight for plant use.
  • Transparent, cream, or yellow in appearance.
  • Tensile strength to enhance effective covering of the structure.
  • Flexible material that eases installation.

How Greenhouse Polythene Gets Damaged

Greenhouse polyethylene becomes ineffective or fails to function due to wear, tear, or wind action. Damage of greenhouse polythene exposes crops to harsh climatic conditions which harms the crops.

At times poor installation such as loose attachment may leave it susceptible to wind-blowing action.

How to Repair Greenhouse Covers

There are various ways to repair greenhouse polythene covers depending on the extent of damage. Efficient ways include;

Using Greenhouse Polythene Repair Tape

Greenhouse Polythene Repair Tape is a UV-resistant material that binds two pieces of polythene covers together. It allows light to penetrate and withstand high temperatures and cold. It also provides a waterproof seal for small holes and worn-out parts of the cover.

Replacing torn Greenhouse Polythene with Brand New Covers

Sometimes highly damaged polythene covers are hard to repair using polythene tapes. It therefore requires you to buy a new polythene cover and replace the old one.

How to Repair Other Parts of a Greenhouse

Repairing other sides of a greenhouse depends on the type and materials of the structure.

Common Repairs to for Greenhouses

  • For wooden greenhouses, the timber poles decay easily and need replacement from time to time.
  • Changing the ventilation nets
  • Fixing new crop support structures
  • Changing detached wiggle wires
  • Repairing doors and metal frames.
  • Overall greenhouse repair

Greenhouse Cover Prices in Kenya

Greenhouse Polythene price is sold per square meter at KES 110 in Aqua Hub Kenya, the best supplier.

Dealers in Greenhouse Repair 

We are the best company to handle your greenhouse polythene repair needs as per the size you have.

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