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Dam Liner Repair

We are the top dam liner architects in Kenya with affordable, and convenient repair prices.

Our dam liners come in various thickness sizes, ranging from 0.3mm to 1 mm.

We deal in dam liner repairs, welding, and installation as per the needs of the client.

Creating a long-term water conservation point out of a dam liner is a major challenge. What makes it hard to develop a seamless water supply is the frequent wear and tear on the dam liner.

Needs for Dam Liner Repair

A liner is hard soil cover but still is prone to wear resulting from friction and old age. To notice leaks in your dam liner, carefully monitor and observe the water levels on your dam.

A drop in the water level often shows that a leakage exists at a certain point of the dam.

Wet soil in the nearby soil or environment also indicates leakages in a dam liner and needs immediate repair.

How to Patch Dam Liners for Effective Water Use

Effective repair of dam liners is essential for continuous harvesting and utilization of scarce water. Various methods of repairing dam liners exist but a few are effective in binding the cover for a lengthy period.

Once you have identified the holes or leaking parts in your dam liner, find a proper way to fix it. The best method depends on the size of the punctures and the thickness of the material. Light dam liners such as PVC liners can be repaired using dam liner repair tape. For denser materials, welding is the best way to fix punctures in it.

Steps for Dam Liner Repair:  Explained

  • Removing water from the dam liner – Stagnant water greatly interferes with the process of joining the punctures in a liner.
  • Drying the material – wiping the dam liner is another step to enhance efficiency when joining the liner.
  • Actual repair – Welding and joining with a hot blower machine. It requires

Need Help with Dam Liner Repairs? Here’s What to Do

Are Your dam liners leaking or old enough to expose your reserved water source to huge wastage? Try Aqua Hub Kenya, the best Dam Liner Repair, and Installation Company in Kenya.

Our role is to ensure you meet your daily water needs for irrigation and domestic uses. In the past few weeks, dam and pond owners have experienced heavy damage to their dam liners. Heavy rainfall in Kenya might have caused your liner to tear, wear, or detach from the ground. For this case, you may require repair or replacement of the dam liner to proceed with harvesting and utilizing water for irrigation and other purposes.

Are Dam Liner Repairs Costly? Find Out Here

The cost of Dam liner repair depends on the extent of the damage. If the leakage is intense, the cost will be higher.

Fix your liners at affordable costs with us.

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Dam Liner Prices in Kenya

Dam liners are affordable at Aqua Hub Kenya. For the various sizes available, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, and 1mm price vary accordingly.

Consider our dam liner cost prices below.

0.3 mm liner – KES 150
0.5 mm liner – KES 230
0.75 mm liner – KES 330
1 mm liner      – KES 450

Seeking Advice on Repairing Dam Liners? Ask the Experts

We are the best dealers in dam liner repair, installation and supply in Kenya. Our materials are high-quality UV-treated HDPE materials.

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