High-quality Dam Liners for Water Harvesting
High-Quality Dam liners

High-quality dam liners exhibit a water-containment effect on their bonded polymer materials for a long time.  The materials are laid and spread on the surface of dams or water storage points such as concrete tanks.

Introduction to Liners

Dam liners are waterproof and thick plastic polythene covers lower the water percolation rates on your reservoirs.  Much water seeps down the soil in regions with poor water-retentive soils such as sand soils. Dam liners cover the permeable soil to make it possible for the availability of water when you need it.

The Need for Dam Liners in Kenya

High-Quality Dam liners

The target idea is to keep water in the reserve area for as long as it takes until the water is needed. Future needs of water could be for irrigation purposes, animal use, domestic use or construction purposes.

Often, times when water happens to be scarce is dry periods which extend in some areas such as North-Eastern Kenya including Garissa and Marsabit.

This article briefs about dam liners, how they are used, prices, applications, and where to purchase them.

Types and Features

Dam liners types include the HDPE, PVC and LDPE all available in 0.5 mm, 0.75mm and 1 mm thickness sizes.

High Density Polyethylene liners are made from heavy polymers. The most durable and reliable type to apply in water storage projects.

PVC liners are made from polyvinyl chloride material, and is light in weight. More flexible and reliable as well.

LDPE is a low density polythene type of dam liner. It is light and more flexible than HDPE dam liner. Applicable in light projects such as construction and small dam reinforcements.

We Recommend Aqua Hub Dam Liners

Our dam liners are high-quality and the best to use on your water storage projects. The durability stands at 20 – 50 years depending on the thickness level of the dam liner.

The flexibility and foldability of our dam liners makes it easier to lay them on the dams and reservoirs.

Our dam liners bind together easily to form joints thus easy to repair worn-out or leaking points.

We design our dam liners to suit the needs of our clients, for instance we sell them per square meter. This way, we can also provide water collection solution for those who are not planning to buy the full roll.

The prices of Our dam liners are cheap compared to our competitors.

For common available dam liner thickness levels, the prices per square meter are;

  • 3 mm – KES 150
  • 5 mm – KES 230
  • 75 mm – KES 340
  • 1 mm – KES 450

How to Use our Dam Liners

Dam liners have various extensive applications in water use and storage. They include;

  1. Storing rain, river or borehole water for irrigation purposes in the future incase of drought.
  2. To protect dams and reservoirs from loosing water through leakages and seepage.
  3. To reinforce and seal concrete tanks thereby preventing water loss through cracks or seeping holes.
  4. Construction sites also apply dam liners to make foundations.
  5. Mining sites require dam liners to act as protective mats.

Purchase High-Quality Dam Liners in Kenya

Looking for a long-term water storage Solution for your reservoirs? We have high-quality dam liners at affordable prices in Kenya.

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