1 Acre Driplines Cost and Installation in Kenya
1 Acre Driplines Cost

Driplines are highly efficient methods of watering crops by delivering water directly to the plant roots. 1 acre driplines cost is reliable at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Driplines rely on a network of pipes, connectors, and fittings to supply water to crops.

Dripline Sale in Kenya by Aqua Hub

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Components for 1 Acre Driplines System

The cost and installation process of a dripline irrigation system for 1 acre of farm involves several components.


It is the main part of the drip irrigation system. Without the driplines, there is no precise flow of water to the crop root zones. Driplines have emitter holes placed on different spacing distances to irrigate various crops. 15cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm spacing distances are available.

Mainline HDPE pipes

1 Acre Driplines Cost

These are pipes that allow water to reach the driplines from the source point. Available in different diameter levels ranging from 20 mm to 350 mm diameter size. Mainline pipes are tensile and strong to allow waterproof connection and long-term water supply.


1 Acre Driplines Cost

Smaller branches of the mainline pipes. The goal of the sub-mainline is to supply water to various farm sections for easier coverage of a large farm. Consist of either HDPE or PVC pipes of smaller diameter than the mainline pipes

Other Accesories
  • Laterals or risers – Risers are for connecting sub-mainline pipes to the driplines.
  • Ball Valves – They are for controlling the water supply to various sections or pipelines.
  • Water Filters – To get rid of debris and sand particles which can be a danger or risk clogging the driplines.

1 Acre Driplines Installation

Installation of driplines needs a proper arrangement and best selection of materials prior to the actual process. It is important to research or find out the best people to handle your project and what things you should have.

Learn about the land Preparation Process

  • Determine if your land is suitable for driplines. A suitable land has to be flat and free from rocks.
  • Identify the size of your land by taking simple measurements of length and width. Helps to calculate the estimate of the required driplines.
  • Make your land ready for installation. You need to clear vegetation and dig the land.

Note that cultivation comes first before installation to prevent interference or damage of driplines.

Actual Driplines Installation by our Technicians

1 Acre Driplines Cost

Our technicians begin the process of installation of driplines;

  • First select and have driplines delivered to you at affordable cost
  • Digging trenches on the measured area for laying pipework. Mainline and submainline connection to be buried on the ground.
  • Lay the mainline and sub mainline pipes on the trenches
  • Lay the driplines on the beds or sections in between the trenches.
  • Using a suitable tank connector, connect a water filter and attach it to the mainline pipe.
  • Connect the mainline pipe to the sub-mainline pipe. Fit an end cap to seal the submain line on the end part.
  • Connect the lateral pipes and then to the driplines.
  • Cover the trenches
  • Test the Connection by opening water flow.

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1 Acre Dripline Cost Breakdown

1 acre driplines cost price depends on several factors including the farm size, number of driplines per bed and type of crop. We always estimate the cost of driplines as per farm size in acreage.

For instance, 1 acre farm requires 5 or 6 rolls of driplines. This range depends on the crop you are growing since the dripline spacing varies on different crops.

Crops that Require Driplines for Watering

1-acre driplines are ideal for several crops such as;


  • Kales, Cabbage, Sukuma wiki, broccoli, and lettuce – suitable for 15 cm spacing and 2-3 driplines per bed
  • Onions, pepper, carrots, and garlic – 15 cm or 20 cm spacing with 3-4 driplines per bed.
  • Capsicum, tomato and Cucumbers – 20 or 30 cm spacing 2 or 3 driplines per bed.


  • Watermelon, Strawberry and Pumpkins – 30 cm spacing 1 or 2 driplines


  • Corn, peas and French beans – 30 cm spacing , 2 or 3 driplines per bed.

1 Acre Driplines Cost in Kenya

The cost prices for 1 acre of driplines and installation at Aqua Hub is as Shown below.

Farm Size Number of Lines per Bed
1 Line 2 Lines 3 Lines
1 Acre 65,000 95,000 130,000
½ Acre 30,000 45,000 60,000
¼ Acre 16,000 25,000 35,000
⅛ Acre 10,000 15,000 20,000


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