How to Filter Water for Irrigation
How to Filter water for irrigation

How to Filter Water for Irrigation |Aqua Hub Kenya has Quality screen filters at a favorable price rates.
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How to Filter water for irrigation

How to filter irrigation water (Steps)

  • Choose a water filter suitable for your irrigation system or project. Screen filters are the most reliable and cheap for smaller farms while disc filters are good for large projects.
  • Install the water filter on your irrigation system
  • Enhance regular maintenance of your filters by cleaning and removing particles.

In Which Sections are Water Filters Installed?

Water filters are normally fitted or installed near the primary source of irrigation water such as tanks or dams and rivers.
Mostly suitable for irrigation water sources with dirty water, or swampy water with some impurities in it.

Which filter should I choose for my irrigation System?

Choosing the best filter for your irrigation needs requires consideration of:

  • Source of your irrigation water – For dirty water sources, install water filters near the source to avoid clogging of mainline and sub-mainline pipes.
  • The pressure of your irrigation systems – Low pressure irrigation systems require screen filters while high pressure systems require disc filters.
  • The cleaning schedule you want – choose a bigger filter to reduce the number of cleaning frequency.

How do I Correctly Install Water Filters?

  1. Start by installing a pressure tank.
  2. Install a pump in case your irrigation system requires a pump.
  3. Install your water filter. The filter will rely on the pressure generated by the pump to trap the particles in water.

Is there any effect of Water Filters on Water pressure?

Good water filters do not affect water pressure when maintained well (that is when kept half filled with filtered particles).
However, water filters can lower the pressure of water in your irrigation system when filled with dirt particles. You should check and clean your filters frequently to ensure it does not slow down your pressure requirements.

Advantages of Our Filters

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Water Filter Prices

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32 mm water filter at KES. 1000.
50 mm water filter at KES. 2,500.
60 mm water filter at KES. 3,500.

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