Butterfly Sprinklers

Model: SMPO-15-RHR

Material: Plastic

Inlet Size:1/2inch DN15

Flux:15-0.25 L/H

Spray radius:1-3 Meters

Pressure:1-2 Bars

Angle of Rotation:36


Butterfly sprinklers are applicable to water tiny gardens. These tiny, light sprinklers are effective on delicate plants. The plants include flowers and vegetable seedlings in nurseries. They are also ideal for crops that have been harmed by several, heavy drops of rain. Low precipitation from butterfly sprinklers also enables longer watering intervals with little runoff. Our plastic butterfly sprinklers are UV-treated. Hence keeping them from deteriorating too quickly.

What is a Butterfly sprinkler?

A butterfly sprinkler emits water for the plans. It is applicable to irrigate lawns, gardens, grow crops, and other locations. They are also spraying water in a manner similar to rain. Sprinkler systems are common in all sectors, whether they are residential, agricultural, or industrial. Water travels through the irrigation system’s pipeline. Then enters the sprinkler nozzle, and splits into small droplets that fall to the ground. Covering the whole ground area with water. The watering of crops with close spacing. The crops include onions, flowers, nurseries, potatoes, groundnuts, garlic, ginger, and vegetables.


  • Flow Rate: 300 to 330 Ltr/hr
  • Pressure: 0.75 to 2.0 Kg/cm2
  • Spacing: Dia. 30 Feet
  • Connection: 10mm PU Tube with connector.

Features and Benefits

  • Specially designed Nozzles.
  • Made up of heavy-duty engineering plastic material. It provides reliable operation and durability.
  • Efficient water distribution uniformity: over 93% CU at 300×300 sqft.
  • Especially Designed Adapter, the Connector assures leakproof and uninterrupted operation.

In either an upright or upside-down posture, butterfly sprinklers function. When they are standing on the ground for typical watering, they are upright. to offer humidity to a mature crop or seedlings when placed upside down in a greenhouse or open field. This positioning upside down is also applicable for overhead watering. or to maintain the moisture of plant leaves. Through a 1/2′′ tube, they provide irrigation water to a nozzle fastened on risers. They feature smaller droplets, superior covering uniformity, and a reduced rate of precipitation.

Spacing butterfly sprinklers

The sprays from the micro sprinklers are placed such that they overlap. The distance between micro-sprinklers will be 1.52M. For example, if the irrigation system’s radius is 2 -.25M. This guarantees that there are no dry areas between the layers. Particularly for lawns, hedges, or crops put relatively close together. And overlap guarantees complete coverage.

Irrigate for 30 to 40 minutes. This ensures adequate wetness before relocating the sprinklers to another area of the garden. If a few units are used to irrigate, they spray under gravity pressure. This makes them convenient to use in many situations when a water pump is not accessible.


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