Ground/Grass Sprinklers

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Ground/Grass Sprinklers are very ideal for your lawn. As a method of irrigation, lawn sprinklers are becoming more and more significant. In actuality, maintenance of a garden may be without a full-time gardener. No one is more knowledgeable about lawn watering than East Africa’s top producers and suppliers of turf.
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What is Ground/Grass Sprinklers

The best and most effective way to irrigate your environment without wasting precious water is using ground/grass sprinklers. In-ground sprinkler systems provide you the most control over how and when your yard is watered. Since sprinkler heads are placeable strategically and the water flow is precisely timed.

How the System Works

You have more control over how often and how much your grass is watered when you have an underground sprinkler system. Retractable sprinkler heads are installed in specific areas of your lawn, and the network of pipework is buried about 12 inches underground. The sprinkler heads operate on a pressure mechanism whereby they are raised above the ground as water passes through the pipe. They pull back down to the earth after the water pressure stops. In a garden, raised-head sprinkler heads are typical. They remain high above the ground to prevent dense vegetation from obstructing the water.

Caring for Your Sprinkler System

There is occasionally some maintenance required for these sprinkler systems. Every few weeks, you should clean the sprinkler heads to remove dirt and grass. Otherwise, they can become stuck standing up and be simple targets for the mowers. You should winterize your system if you reside somewhere where the winters are really cold.

Since the pipes need to be blown dry of any water that may be present, this is not a simple task. However, hiring a landscaper or plumber who frequently works with sprinkler systems is not that expensive. In the long term, it can help you save money. Be careful to follow your controller as well. If the electricity has been down for a while or during daylight savings time, it might need to be reset.


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