Seedling trays

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We provide top-notch seedling trays in Kenya for your propagation requirements. The hole diameters in our seedling trays range from 28 to 288 cells. We use UV-treated materials to make our planting trays so they may be readily recycled after transplanting. They may be used to grow vegetables, tree seedlings, and other things.


With seedling trays, you can achieve a 100% germination rate. We have high-quality planting trays to meet your propagation needs, including seeds and cuttings. Our trays assist farmers in achieving a 100% germination rate. Planting trays are an innovative method of propagation that works effectively regardless of location or environment. Our planting trays are available in a range of colors and shapes, including black and white, although the most frequent tray color is black.

Seedling Trays

Propagation trays are specifically constructed PVC UV-stabilized containers that retain seedlings from germination until transplanting. They give additional depth for greater soil volume, making it easier to de-nest and saving you time and effort when planting seedlings. They are the most cost-effective inserts for farmers. Our seedling trays enable farmers who are currently pursuing agriculture as a company to account for seedling growth/survivor.

Our trays meet the demands of farmers for seed and cutting propagation. These planting trays are a novel method of propagation that works effectively regardless of location or environment. These items are mostly applicable in nursery propagation in greenhouses or shade buildings. There is a bulk purchase discount available for all of our seedling trays prices in Kenya. Anti-UV treatment guarantees that they may be used for many years without being damaged by the sun.

The benefits of using planting trays

  • reduce damping-off incidents brought on by overpopulation and untreated soil.
    high rate of germination.
  • Root growth is significantly enhanced, and the likelihood of transplant shock is decreased.
  • Crops grown in germination trays reach maturity faster because they take root quickly after transplanting.
  • Compared to those raised directly in the soil, uniform harvesting.
  • Transportation simplicity.

Features and sizes of our Seedling Trays

We create planting trays out of UV-treated PVC plastic. Cell sizes for these planting trays include 28, 50, 66, 160, 200, 204, and 288. Each cell in these seedling trays for sale has a hole to allow for water drainage and root aeration.

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