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  • seedling traysseedling trays

    Seedling trays

    We provide top-notch seedling trays in Kenya for your propagation requirements. The hole diameters in our seedling trays range from 28 to 288 cells. We use UV-treated materials to make our planting trays so they may be readily recycled after transplanting. They may be used to grow vegetables, tree seedlings, and other things.

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    Solar Dryer

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    Solar Dryers

    Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best and most suitable dryers for commercial use. Our dryers are mainly for fruits and vegetables and other special foods on demand.

    Components of our dryers 
    • Greenhouse polythene ( UV-Treated, 200 microns )
    • Steel / Wooden Structure ( With specific measurements to suit the volume of the matter to be dried )
    • Ventilation and Shelving netting ( UV-Treated )
    • The black substance absorbs heat ( Dam liners )
    • Ventilation fans ( Special cases )
    What are the Measurements we have?

    In most cases we tailormake our installations to quench customers needs but the most basics are ,

            1.5 m  x 1.5 m x 1m
          2 m x 2 m x 1.5 m
         3 m x 2 m x 2 m

    Read More below including our prices.

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    A pipe union is a type of fitting used to connect two pipes without causing any harm to the pipes. Pipe unions are capable of readily disjoining two pipes. They are widely used in the pipe fitting industry. The majority of pipe unions are made up of two pipes joined together by a third component. To provide a secure connection, all three are threaded.

  • Pop Up Sprinklers

    Pop Up Sprinklers

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    Pop-up sprinklers are one-of-a-kind sprinkler systems that are ideal for a variety of lawns, parks, golf courses, and gardens. Because they spray water equally, they are regarded as the ideal watering method for lawns and gardens.

    Our Prices.

    1/2 Inch – Ksh.2,700

    3/4 Inch – Ksh. 3,700


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    Planting Bags

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    Profiles and Wires

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    Buy profiles at Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price.

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    Insert Connectors

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    Buy drip insert connectors at Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price.

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    Drip End Caps

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    Buy 16mm drip end caps at Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price.

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    Tee 16mm

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    Buy 16mm drip tee at Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price.

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    End caps

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    Disc Filters

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    Irrigation Water Filters

    Normally, water is not found in its purest nature. Sometimes this same water is contaminated with physical, chemical, and biological impurities. Proper filtration in your irrigation system is key and that’s why at Aqua-hub Kenya we have a wide range of filters. These filters save plants from a lot of underlying hustle of getting infected with diseases that are brought about by contaminated water.
    They help you to remove physical impurities such as leaves from your water

     4 Uses of Disc Filters in Kenya

    These are ideal for removing silt and sand.
    They have;
    (i) Stable performance
    (ii) Efficiency
    (iii) Minimum maintenance
    (iv) Maximum filtration makes our filters outstanding
    They are available in these sizes – 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, and 90mm
    Let Aqua-Hub Kenya filter your water for productivity and healthy plants

  • Drip Irrigation

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    Buy open field irrigation drip kits from Aqua Hub Kenya.

    This is a micro-irrigation system that helps save water and nutrients as it allows water to drip slowly to the roots of plants. It comes in handy in ensuring pocket save investment by allowing minimal usage of water also conservation of water. The drip system has allowed many farmers to reap large profits and also has brought about a much-needed solution for conservative farming.

    Embracing a drip system will allow you as the farmer to fill the gap of maximizing profits.

    We at Aqua-Hub make sure you get innovative and profitable at all times with provision of drip liners and installations.
    Availability specifications;
    (i) Diameter – 10mm
    (ii) Thickness – 0.3mm and 0.4mm
    (iii) Flow rate – 1.2ltrs per hour
    (iv) Spacing – 15cm, 20cm and 30cm
    (v) Length – 1000mtrs and 1500mtrs

    Components of Open Field Drip System

    • Tank Connection,Main Pipes & Fittings,Sub Main & Fittings,Drip Lines & Fittings,Filtration System, Installation, Training & Commissioning

    Extra services as per the client’s request.

    • Agronomic Support
    • Distribution of drip lines per bed according to crop

    Available in (acreage):

    • 1/8 – 500 sq. m
    • 1/4 – 1000 sq. m
    • 1/2 – 2050 sq. m
    • 1 Acre – 4096 sq. m