Quality dam liners in Eldoret
Quality dam liners

Aqua Hub Kenya provides high quality dam liners in Kenya at a reasonable price. We are a prominent supplier and installation of dam liners in the country. The volume of water contained and the type of surface decide the best dam liner to utilize. A thicker liner is preferable if the reservoir is extensive. A lighter gauge liner will be sufficient if the pond’s surface is smooth. Because of their endurance, our dam liners have an excellent reputation in the industry. A dam liner assures that you will collect and store water for later use, primarily for irrigation and human and animal use. Water from rivers, runoffs, boreholes, and wells may all be collected and stored in high-quality dam liners before being given to the surrounding community.

Cost of Quality Dam Liners in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya’s dam liners are extremely well-made and reasonably priced. We are one of the nation’s leading makers and installers of dam liners. The ideal dam liner to employ is determined by the volume of water confined and the type of surface. If the reservoir is large, a thicker liner is preferable. If the pond’s surface is smooth, a narrower gauge liner will suffice. Our dam liners have an outstanding reputation in the market due to their robustness. Water may be collected from boreholes, wells, rivers, and runoffs, then stored and dispersed throughout the community with the use of high-quality dam liners.

Thickness Weight per meter square in Kgs Price per meter square in KES
0.3 mm 0.35 kg 190
0.5 mm 0.46 kg 215
0.75 mm 0.88 kg 295
1 mm 0.91 kg 340

Water Harvesting in Kenya Using Dam Liners

Kenya, with a per capita water usage of less than 600 cubic meters, is one of the most water-stressed nations in the world. This is a significant departure from the average global volume of 1,000 cubic meters. Millions of people in the nation now have to deal with flash flood damage, if they aren’t already in danger of starvation owing to a terrible drought. Water shortage is one of the major obstacles to sustainable food production globally and, according to researchers studying climate change, it will only become worse as the world’s population rises. However, you may address this issue by utilizing modern irrigation and water collection techniques on nearby farms.

Dam liners are the best method for farmers to collect rainwater. Liners are a good way to confine water. Additionally, it’s critical to maintain a leak-free water management system because the expense of water management may quickly increase. The good news is that stopping system leaks can enable you to save money. The liners are effective in keeping out water. They are not very porous, so water from the system cannot slowly seep into the soil around them. Therefore, the best course of action is to use dam liners to collect water.