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  • Butterfly SprinklersButterfly Sprinklers

    Butterfly Sprinklers

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    Model: SMPO-15-RHR

    Material: Plastic

    Inlet Size:1/2inch DN15

    Flux:15-0.25 L/H

    Spray radius:1-3 Meters

    Pressure:1-2 Bars

    Angle of Rotation:36

  • Plastic Impact SprinklersPlastic Impact Sprinklers

    Plastic Impact Sprinklers

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    Our high-quality plastic impact sprinklers are a cost-effective substitute for brass sprinklers. They are designed for commercial agriculture, have good uniformity, and are dependable for a long time. Features:

    Input : 1 ” Female

    Pressure: 2-6 Bar

    Sprinkler Radius: (15 – 20 ) m

  • 2″ Rain Guns2″ Rain Guns

    2″ Rain Guns

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    Get 2 ” Rain Guns from Aqua Hub Kenya at affordable prices. Rain gun Sprinklers are a new generation of high-volume, high-pressure sprinklers for horticulture irrigation, broadacre crops, orchards, and forestry. Rain gun Sprinklers spray water to large areas, saving the farmer time and labor.