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  • PVC PipesPVC Pipes

    PVC Pipes

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    Our PVC pipes come in various sizes: 2 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm, and 110 mm.

    Our PVC pipes are used for;

    1. Water pipes and plumbing.
    2. Waste Management and Control
    3. Management of Rainwater.
    4. Agriculture PVC Pipes
    5. PVC Pipe Used for Fire Sprinklers
    6. for use in the industry
    7. Handling of Chemicals for Fittings
  • HDPE PipesHDPE Pipes

    HDPE Pipes

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    We have high density, polythene, and UV-treated pipes and fittings.
    These pipes can be used in;
    (i) Irrigation,
    (ii) Water conveyance
    (iii) And also to fiber cables.
    Thickness – pn6, pn8, pn10, pn12.5, pn16, pn20
    Sizes 16mm, 20mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 140mm, 160mm
    NB: Any thickness that is above Pn6 is available on request/order

  • Overhead Sprinkler IrrigationOverhead Sprinkler Irrigation

    Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation

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    Aqua Hub Kenya offers overhead irrigation design as well as overhead sprinkler irrigation, both of which are equipped with the following features:
    Rain guns (1″, 1.5″, 2″ & Flange).
    High-Pressure Impact Sprinklers (3/4 inches and 1 inch in diameter).
    Pop up sprinklers.
    Low Pressure, including Ground/Grass Sprinklers and Butterfly Sprinklers.

  • Butterfly SprinklersButterfly Sprinklers

    Butterfly Sprinklers

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    Model: SMPO-15-RHR

    Material: Plastic

    Inlet Size:1/2inch DN15

    Flux:15-0.25 L/H

    Spray radius:1-3 Meters

    Pressure:1-2 Bars

    Angle of Rotation:36

  • Plastic Impact SprinklersPlastic Impact Sprinklers

    Plastic Impact Sprinklers

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    Our high-quality plastic impact sprinklers are a cost-effective substitute for brass sprinklers. They are designed for commercial agriculture, have good uniformity, and are dependable for a long time. Features:

    Input : 1 ” Female

    Pressure: 2-6 Bar

    Sprinkler Radius: (15 – 20 ) m

  • 2″ Rain Guns2″ Rain Guns

    2″ Rain Guns

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    Get 2 ” Rain Guns from Aqua Hub Kenya at affordable prices. Rain gun Sprinklers are a new generation of high-volume, high-pressure sprinklers for horticulture irrigation, broadacre crops, orchards, and forestry. Rain gun Sprinklers spray water to large areas, saving the farmer time and labor.